SubTerra is the industry leader in Salt Cavern Development

50+ Caverns Developed

Single & Multi Entry

Disposal Wells

50+ Drilled and Completed

International Cavern Development


Project Management

Real Time Cost Control

Solution Mining

Global leader

Technical Execution Teams

160+ years combined experience


Proprietary Solution

Digitally Auditable

Operations Management

Real Time Operations Reporting

downhole expertise & project management

We provide a process driven, transparent procurement system which rewards performance leaders who exhibit competitive pricing. SubTerra is results driven, proving to be the most successful in cavern development and disposal well project execution.

We embrace risk, actively manage it and build it into our cost and design models.


SubTerra Sets the New Standard

  • Advanced cloud-based Procurement and Cost Control system with digital audit trail (in house developed)
  • Developing 10+ commercial disposal well projects per year
  • Pre FEED study on Nuclear Waste Disposal Wells
  • Furthering Industry Knowledge by Publishing White Papers
  • CSA and SMRI Contributing Members

Our experience

Our track record speaks for itself



Our team is there with you from project conceptualization — working through the initial ideas and designs to investigation of project viability.


Using our digitally auditable system, available to clients to login and view at any time, we quickly and effectively sort through the multitude of vendors to find those who can safely, efficiently and cost effectively add value to your project.  We pre-qualify vendors to ensure compliance and a fit with client expectations, and then engage them. The team also offers full capital management solutions, where we manage the capital expenditures on behalf of our clients.



(Front End Engineering Design)
We help you create a plan cost, investigate potential risks and build those risk cases into cost models. Our team will help you source the most cost effective materials for initial designs and early procurements activities which still meet project deliverables.


Our office and field project execution teams deliver your project on time and on budget. During the process, our clients are consistently updated on progress, cost, safety metrics and any other specific requirements.

Engineering And Design

Engineering And Design

Our team prepares complete project plans for casing, designs for fluids, directional and vertical wells, advanced tubing and wash strings, as well as all stages in between. We also create construction, drilling, completion, mining and conversion programs designed to meet and exceed all of your goals.

Project Wrap Up

Project Wrap Up

We are available to answer any questions you may have about the completed project and deliver a comprehensive operational cost summary, including considerations for future project improvement and best practices. We stay engaged with our vendors until final project conclusion, and are available to assist with any post project issues that may arise.

Accreditations / Qualifications


We are with you from start to finish to make the experience a positive one and deliver a successful project outcome.